Orry’s Controversial Statement: ‘Don’t Expect Strangers To…’ Amid ‘Fist Bump’ Controversy

In the glitzy world of social media, where fame and egos collide, Orry — the viral sensation — finds himself embroiled in yet another storm. This time, it’s with a female influencer who dared to jest about their encounter. As the digital battleground heats up, let’s delve into the unfolding drama.

The Influencer’s Tale

Ruchika Lohiya, an aspiring influencer, shared her awkward moment with Orry on Instagram. She playfully recounted how she attempted to meet him at an event, hoping for a friendly handshake. Instead, Orry opted for a fist bump, leaving her momentarily embarrassed. But what seemed like harmless banter turned into a social media showdown.

Orry’s Unfiltered Response

Orry, known for his candid demeanour, didn’t hold back. In a lengthy comment, he defended his actions; “Babe, I don’t know you, you ain’t my homie, I don’t know what germs and shit your hand carries. I am always happy to meet fans and friends when the time permits, but shoving your way to me at a public event, passing my security, and disrespecting my manager, you still got close to me and politely greeted you. Don’t expect strangers to touch you. You got a friendly fist bump, but that’s not enough??? And if you were sincerely ashamed, what is the point of this clout-chasing video??? Sly and shameless.”

Not only that, but he said that he had filed a lawsuit against Lohiya for defaming him. “I’m going to start a slander lawsuit right away. Legal has been informed already. CCTV will be turned off as well,” he stated.

The Backlash

Netizens swiftly condemned Orry’s behaviour. They labelled him rude, arrogant, and out of touch. His double standards—posing with celebrities but rejecting fans—didn’t sit well. The same hand that clicked selfies with stars now shunned a harmless handshake. Social media erupted, and Orry found himself in the eye of a virtual storm.

Palak Tiwari Connection

Orry And Palak Tiwari

Orry And Palak Tiwari

This isn’t Orry’s first clash. Screenshots of heated WhatsApp exchanges with Palak Tiwari (daughter of actress Shweta Tiwari) went viral. Orry’s reputation as a bold icon grew. Ruchika’s reel has added fuel to the fire, questioning whether fame justifies arrogance.

Lessons In Stardom

As Orry grapples with backlash, he faces a pivotal choice. Will he learn from these encounters? Stardom isn’t immunity; it’s a responsibility. Fans deserve respect, even if they’re strangers. Perhaps Orry’s journey will teach him humility and kindness, which are the true hallmarks of a star.

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