Orry’s Wardrobe Mishap Adds Humor To Janhvi Kapoor, Shikhar Pahariya’s Journey To Tirupati

Janhvi Kapoor, an actress known not only for her talent but also for her grounded personality, recently embarked on a spiritual expedition to the Tirupati Balaji temple. Accompanied by her boyfriend, Shikhar Pahariya, and close friend Orry, Janhvi’s journey was not just a pilgrimage but a celebration of faith and friendship.

Janhvi Kapoor-Shikhar Pahariya Ascending the Tirupati Steps with Orry

janhvi Kapoor-shikhar pahariya climb tirupati stairs on knees
Janhvi Kapoor-Shikhar Pahariya climb Tirupati stairs on knees

The trio, along with Janhvi’s aunt, began their ascent up the Tirupati temple stairs, a path trodden by countless devotees seeking solace and divine blessings. Despite the physical challenge posed by the steep steps, Janhvi’s determination remained unwavering. With each step, she embodied her deep-rooted spirituality, opting to climb on her knees—a practice revered by many.

orry climbing tirupati stairs on knees
orry climbing Tirupati stairs on knees
image: Janhvi Kapoor-shikhar pahariya
image: Janhvi Kapoor-shikhar pahariya

Laughter Amidst Mishaps

As Janhvi, Shikhar, and Orry progressed, their journey was interspersed with moments of laughter and camaraderie. Orry’s wardrobe mishap, where his choice of bright red underpants beneath traditional attire drew playful jests from Shikhar, added a light-hearted touch to the solemnity of the pilgrimage. Despite the teasing, the bond between the three friends only grew stronger, showcasing the essence of true companionship.

orry faceses wardrobe mishap
Orry faces a wardrobe mishap

Janhvi Kapoor-Shikhar Pahariya Honouring Tradition

Amidst the laughter and banter, Janhvi’s reverence for tradition shone through. Her gesture of gifting Orry a traditional South Indian veshti not only honoured the customs of the temple but also symbolised the warmth and inclusivity of her spirit.

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Janhvi Kapoor and orry in traditional outfit
Janhvi Kapoor and Orry in traditional outfit

Celebrating Janhvi’s Birthday

As the pilgrimage concluded and they boarded the flight back home, the memories created on this spiritual journey lingered in their hearts. Janhvi’s birthday celebrations became a testament to the joyous moments shared amidst the sacredness of their expedition.

Janhvi celebrates her birthday with friends
Janhvi celebrates her birthday with friends

In essence, Janhvi Kapoor and Shikhar Pahariya’s journey to Tirupati was more than just a climb. It was a reflection of their unwavering faith, genuine friendships, and the beauty of embracing traditions amidst life’s journey.


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