Janhvi Kapoor Tries Stand-Up Comedy, Asks For Audience Kindness: “Weren’t Kind With My Debut”

Get ready to laugh! Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor is stepping outside her comfort zone and trying her hand at stand-up comedy. A recent clip from her upcoming project shows her performing in front of a live audience, radiating her signature energy and charm.

Janhvi Kapoor Requests Kindness from the Audience

Janhvi kapoor attempts stand up comedy
Janhvi Kapoor attempts stand-up comedy

But amidst the excitement, there’s a hint of vulnerability. In the clip, Janhvi playfully asks the audience for a bit of kindness, reminding them that they weren’t as kind during her film debut.

Image: Janhvi Kapoor
Image: Janhvi Kapoor

With a touch of humour, she says, “With a first-time performance, you have to be a little kind, which some of you weren’t with my debut film.”

Janhvi Kapoor Remembering Mom, Sridevi

Janhvi is known for her heart-warming stories about her late mother, the legendary actress Sridevi. During a recent press conference, she shared a sweet memory about choosing an outfit for Sridevi to wear to an awards ceremony.

Janhvi kapoor with mom sridevi
Janhvi Kapoor with mom Sridevi

“I’d pick out her dress,” she reminisced. “I still remember the first Filmfare Awards show I went for; I had picked out this black gown that she had worn. Toh main haath pakad kar pohoch jaati thi unke saath (So I’d hold her hand and walk in with her).”

Dealing with Comparisons

Being the daughter of such a beloved star, Janhvi has often faced comparisons to her mother. However, she revealed in an interview that Sridevi had prepared her for this.

“She (Sridevi) told me to be prepared for the comparisons,” Janhvi said, showcasing her resilience and the valuable advice she received from her mother.

janhvi talks about lessons given by her mother
Janhvi talks about lessons given by her mother

Janhvi Kapoor talks about Facing Inappropriate Behavior

In another recent revelation, Janhvi shared on the chat show “Koffee With Karan 8” that she was once sent an inappropriate message from an actor. She didn’t disclose the name but recounted the question, highlighting the challenges women in the industry can face.

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