Pakistan’s Nida Yasir Told The Trick Of “How To Be Fair”, Created Ruckus In Pakistan!!

Nida Yasir, who is considered to be a big personality of Pakistani entertainment world, is often in the news. She is the host of Pakistan’s famous morning show ‘Good Morning Pakistan’. She is called the queen of morning shows in her country. Nida is seen giving beauty tips in this show and explains all the ways from beauty treatments, makeup, to fairness to glowing face. Along with this, she also gives tips for beauty related problems. However, for this she has to be a victim of trolling many times. Interestingly, the personality of Nida, who gives beauty tips to others, has seen many changes herself. These days her complexion seems to have changed somewhat.

Nida Yasir

In the last few years, many changes are being seen in the personality of Nida Yasir. Her fashion sense has completely changed. Also, there is a clear difference in the skin tone. Many people are surprised to see Nida’s fair complexion from the dark complexion. At the same time, many people also claimed to take skin whitening treatment on seeing their changed complexion. Apart from this, there is also a tremendous change in Nida’s hairstyle, makeup, clothes and other styling related things.

However, now Nida has finally revealed the secret of her dark skin becoming fair. When Nida was asked about her changed complexion in a show, she said that she looks fairer now than in the old pictures because earlier she did not apply sunscreen and used to spend a lot of time in the sun. Nida also told that earlier she never cared about her skin and looks. But, now she has started taking care of herself.

Nida Yasir

Nida also told during the conversation that she is not only taking care of herself, but she has also taken many injections, due to which there has been a lot of change in her skin tone. On looking fair, she said that the change in her complexion is also visible in the earlier and now pictures, because now the effect of makeup and light is also there in the new photo.

Nida is often seen sharing beauty tips. But many times she has also been caught in controversies due to her tips and advice. Once Nida Yasir had called a 16-year-old girl on the show. She encouraged her to take skin whitening injections. She advised the girl, ‘The complexion has turned black after going to college and Ammi has to marry before 18 years’. She and her show were trolled fiercely for this behavior of Nida Yasir.

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