Parineeti Chopra: ‘My PR Game Sucks,’ Reveals Challenges In Casting And Industry Networking

Parineeti Chopra, the acclaimed actress known for her role in Chamkila, has recently opened up about the harsh realities of casting heroines in films. In a candid admission, she acknowledged that her public relations (PR) game isn’t as strong as it could be. This revelation provides a rare glimpse into the often glossed-over aspects of the film industry.

The Unspoken Truth Of Casting

In an industry where networking and connections often play a crucial role, Parineeti revealed that their presence and connections influence a significant part of the casting process for heroines in films in certain social circles.

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She admitted that: “I have a very problem that is that my PR game sucks. I am very bad at PR, I am very bad at being in the right places, at the right lunches and dinners where these work opportunities are created, projects are created at these events and I am not at those events. I am very bad at creating relationships which are unnecessary or trying to go that extra mile, sucking up to somebody who I don’t connect to, I am very bad at all this, I am a person who is, ‘Mai bahut Mehnat karungi, Mai acting karungi, aap muje achcha kaam do’ (I will work hard, I will act well, give me good work to do.) I may not be papped every day, but please contact me for good work.”

Parineeti’s PR Struggles

Despite her successful career and numerous accolades, Parineeti confessed that her PR game “sucks.” She expressed that she has missed opportunities due to her lack of presence in certain social circles. This confession highlights the importance of PR in the film industry and its impact on an actor’s career.

However, she also stated that she has no regrets about her approach. This statement reflects her determination and commitment to her craft despite her challenges.

No Regrets

Parineeti’s admission about her struggles with PR is a refreshing change in an industry where image is everything. Despite the challenges, she remains unapologetic and content with her journey. Her attitude is a testament to her resilience and dedication to her craft.

Looking Forward

Parineeti Chopra continues to focus on her craft and upcoming projects. Many have praised her performance in Chamkila, and her admirers are excited for her next project. Parineeti continues to shine despite the challenges in her career, proving that talent and hard work can overcome any obstacle.

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