‘Please Don’t Put Him In Jail’, Shah Rukh Khan Begged Sameer Wankhede To Release Son Aryan In Leaked Chats!

The ongoing controversy between actor Shah Rukh Khan and former Mumbai Zonal Director of NCB Sameer Wankhede is taking a new turn everyday. Recently, the hearing of writ petition filed by Sameer Wankhede in the Bombay High Court took place. During this, Wankhede presented the entire chat between him and Khan on the Aryan Khan case. Through the WhatsApp chat released, Sameer claimed that Shah Rukh had talked to him several times to get his son Aryan released.

Released chat between SRK and Sameer Wankhede

The chat between Shah Rukh Khan and Sameer Wankhede is grabbing eyeballs. In this chat, Shah Rukh is heard requesting Sameer to not keep his son Aryan in jail as it will break him. Shah Rukh is also telling Sameer about giving full cooperation under the law in this chat.

A part of chat reads, “Thank you for your thoughts and personal opinion. I assure you that he (Aryan) will become a personal whom we can be proud of. To full capacity, this incident will prove to be the turning point of his life. Honest and hardworking youth is required to take this country forward. You and I have made our contribution and now the next generation needs to do it. You are a good person. I request you to be gentle with him today. Love SRK.”

The megastar further pens, ‘I request you, please do not keep him in jail. He will break as a human. Because of some selfish people, his soul will die. You promised that you would reform my child and not put him in a place where he comes out completely broken and shattered. It is not his fault. Why would you ask him to go through all this for the sake of some selfish people.”

“I promise to request people not to say anything in front of you. To the best of my capacity, I will ensure that they take back what has been said to you. I will do everything and not back down even if I have to beg to stop them,” states Shah Rukh Khan.

For the unversed, Aryan Khan landed in jail for an alleged drug consumption case in 2021. He got bail after spending over a month behind the bars.

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