‘Please Stop, I feel Vulnerable,’ Nisha Rawal Takes A Jibe At Witnesses In Her Controversy With Karan Mehra!

The last year has been really difficult for the ex-TV couple Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal. They have been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons for a long time now. Their assault case has taken numerous turns. Recently, Karan also accused his estranged wife Nisha of having an extramarital affair with her Rakhi brother Rohit Sathia, after which many of Karan’s friends from the industry agreed to stand as witnesses against Nisha.

Now after a month of these allegations, Nisha held a press conference to put her point across. In her statement, Rawal has said that Mehra should stop playing the sympathy card as this will impact their child Kavish’s future.

“Please stop this. This is becoming a drama and it is becoming a media trial. Let’s do this in a civilized way. I feel vulnerable. Stop doing this. I feel scared for myself and my child. What if tomorrow, he (their child) watches the videos, or what if I step out of the home and someone says something in front of my son? Lastly, I am not playing a sympathy card, Karan is in fact playing the sympathy card. I want to raise a child in a healthy environment and if Karan Mehra can’t contribute then please back off. Let me live my life,” quoted Nisha.

Taking a dig at all those who have landed support for Karan, Nisha added, “I don’t want to pay heed to these people. I think they should mind their own business. These people are portraying it dramatically. Aap dosti nibha rahe ho? You are going out and talking about it casually when your friend is a part of the controversy. Whatever I am doing, I am doing for my child. If Karan wants to do something, there is a proper legal procedure.”

Concluding her interaction with the media, Nisha said, “I am a woman of peace, I want him to live his life in peace and leave me alone.”

For the unknown, Karan was accused of physically abusing his ex-wife, Nisha Rawal in May last year. The two have been living separately after their ugly public spat. Their son Kavish lives with his mother. The two are fighting a court case against each other.

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