Prince Narula- Rhea Chakraborty Clash On The Sets Of Roadies 19, Rhea Accuses Him Of Threats!

The most watched reality program “Roadies 19” is collecting topics after a long time. Event promotions have also just been revealed. Rhea Chakraborty also appears in this event. Rhea entered the home theater from season 19 of Roadies. He is said to have been a judge on the series. According to the news, another controversy is brewing around Rhea. The actress made a shocking speech about the show’s second judge, Prince Narula.

Rhea Chakraborty and Prince Narula Fight


According to media reports, Rhea accused the Prince of foul language and threats. Rhea also reportedly complained to the staff about Prince. After all the fanfare, Prince left from the set of the show. Previously, Rhea also fought with Gautam, but both resolved their fights with each other. However, in the case of Prince and Rhea, no response has yet been received from the production team.

Netizens react angrily seeing Rhea in Roadies

Fans were quite disappointed as it was revealed that Rhea Chakraborty would be a judge on the show. Rhea was often trolled on social media after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. “Roady had the same bad days as now,” wrote one user. At the same time, other users write that I don’t like them at all. Meanwhile, Gautam and Prince backed the actress after Rhea’s name came up in the Sushant Singh case.

Roadies 19 Auditions were held in Delhi

Karma Ya Kand recently auditioned for the 19th season of MTV’s Roadies in Delhi, which was also attended by Rhea Chakraborty, who played the role of a gang leader in Roadies. Now we are waiting to see if Rhea will respond to this controversy.

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