Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone: Bollywood Celebs Show How To Ace Winter Chills

Winter is a season of getting chilled,partying and styling jackets and sweaters of various kind. You can adore yourself with the celebrity style sweaters to add an incredible layer  in your appearance. But, of course it is just not the plain sweater; it is the sweaters of Bollywood fashionistas that give a warm feeling with a Wow glimpse with each knitted warm layer of woolen fabric. It is adding stylist sweaters in your winter wardrobe. Here we are providing three Bollywood Divas’ winter style, their fashion ‘cool winter’ look to embrace the winter season, their ace and style to welcome the winter vibes and the sheer satisfaction of their cool fashionista’ movement.

December is coming. Are you ready to enjoy the touch of chill with your warm, woollen sweaters? Check the three Bollywood Divas’ ideas of rocking sweaters and staying cool in the chilly winter months. 


Deepika Padukone’s Stylist Look 

Deepika Padukone embraces winter with a big sweater which is all about being a bit cosy, yet a bit bohemian and athlete. The powder blue or light blue is the perfect match with winter morning to endure the spirit of chill as well as hold the athlete’s energy with sheer sophistication. Undoubtedly to say that Deepika possesses an athletic figure, and the light blue colour reflects her crystal-clear mindset. Deepika complimented her winter look with a stone studded earring and casual hairstyle. What do you think? Worthy to follow! Isn’t? 

Priyanka Chopra’s Chic Style

Adore the winter with Priyanka Chopra’s lavish cream sweater with ultra-stylist design and its  compelling touch. Priyanka wore this big creamy sweater to handle London’s wintry vibes. So, it is ideal to beat our country’s December-January cold footsteps. The sweater is ideal for preventing cold as well as to concise a stylish look. Priyanka stylizes it with hand knitted turtleneck border, which looks brilliant to her. The entire appearance is stunning. Isn’t? The sweater picks an extra layer of adoration with its subtle puffy sleeves and ribbed edges on the arms and hem. 

Anushka Sharma’s Wintry Fashion Style

We get spellbound to see Anushka’s casual but chic style with a plain white cardigan with a loose sleeve embracing her hand. She awestruck the audience with her no-make-up look. The way the cherished moments of the winter season play inside her appearance is worthwhile to keep in mind.

Check the colour of Anushka’s sweater. It is plain white, and the design is also mixed with finery and simplicity. No …we have to say that Anushka is rocking in her casual mode rather than her glamorous mood on screen. Keep it alive! 

Do you want to be a fashion icon in the winter season with your ultra comfortable, woollen piece? Check out the celeb’s  signature of comfort reflects inside their sparkle of a fashion statement and create your own!