Priyanka Chopra Gifts Matching Sneakers To Husband And Daughter, Picture Will Make You Say ‘Aww’ See Here!

This year’s Father’s Day was very special for Priyanka Chopra and her husband Nick Jonas. It is bound to be special, after all, the couple has celebrated Father’s Day for the first time with their Little Princess. Priyanka and Nick have their first Father’s Day with their daughter and there is no photoshoot, it can’t happen. So just to make the first Father’s Day memorable, the couple did a special photo shoot with their darlings and also shared sweet and lovely photos with the fans.

The most important thing is that Priyanka Chopra made Father’s Day very special for her daughter Malti and husband Nick Jonas. Priyanka gifted matching sneakers to father-daughter. Priyanka also got the white sneakers specially customized. In the photo you can see that ‘MM’ is written on Malti’s sneakers, while “MM’s Dad” can be seen written on Nick Jonas’ shoes. In the photo, Nick Jonas is seen sweetly holding his daughter Malti. Little Malti also looked cute in a red floral dress and bow style headband with sneakers.

However, Priyanka has not uncovered the face of the girl in the photograph. The photograph is taken from the back. However, in the image, strong bonding of father Nick Jonas with his Little Angel is obviously apparent. Sharing the sweet post on Father’s Day, Priyanka wrote in the subtitle – Happy first father’s day my love. It is my most delightful moment to see you with our daughter. What an astonishing day it has to come back home. I love you.

Nick Jonas has likewise re-shared the photograph of wife Priyanka and said thanks to her for such a sweet gift. Let us know in the comment section how much you like Priyanka and Nick’s Father’s Day celebration with their girl.