‘Protect The Children Of Gaza’: Swara Bhaskar Empathises With Gaza

Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar recently wrote a tweet in which she emphasized what’s happening with children in Gaza’s hospitals, churches and relief shelters. The actress called herself blessed that her daughter was not born there. She further prayed to God to protect the cursed children from further death and pain in Gaza.

Swara Bhaskar Feels Blessed That Her Daughter Wasn’t Born In Gaza 

Swara Bhaskar with her daughter

Swara Bhaskar in her tweet wrote that how every mother of a newborn like her would be staring at their child with peace that they are not facing the situation like in Gaza. The ‘Veere Di Wedding’ actress shared her worry about how she would have protected her daughter if she was born in Gaza.

“I keep staring at the sleeping peaceful face of my baby girl wondering how I would ever protect her if she were born in #Gaza

Swara Bhaskar's Tweet

She compared how her daughter is blessed and how children in Gaza are cursed to be killed everyday. 

“Wondering what blessing she was born with and what curse those Gazan children were born under who are being killed everyday under an imprisoned sky?!? “

Swara Bhaskar Criticized Israel’s Bombing On Gaza’s Hospitals

Swara Bhaskar

Swara Bhaskar called the present time in Gaza as unjust. She indirectly called Israel’s attacks as unadulterated evil and moral depravity. The actress also criticized Israel’s alleged bombing on children in hospitals. In her words: 

“To bomb children in hospitals, relief shelters, churches with impunity and a license granted by major powers of the world signals what dark and unjust times we live in.” 

Swara Bhaskar with husband

The ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ actress at the end prayed to God to protect the children of Gaza from further death and pain. She also used the flag of Palestine with a heartbreak emoji. 

For the unversed, Swara Bhaskar had married Samajwadi Party leader Fahad Ahmed on 16th February, 2023. The couple were blessed with a daughter in September, 2023. What’s your views on Swara’s empathy with Gaza people?


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