Raj Kundra Still Produces Adult Films And Still In The Business? Raj Responds To Trolls On Social Media!!

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is in a lot of discussion about her husband Raj Kundra. Ever since Raj Kundra’s name has come up in the pornography case, there has been a lot of discussion about the relationship between the two. Rumors of their divorce have also flown a lot. Recently Raj Kundra had an Ask Raj session on social media. During this, he answered the questions of trolls.

Raj Kundra

In the Ask Raj session, a user asked Raj Kundra about his marriage – “Are you and Shilpa together or is it just a sham?” In response to this, Raj Kundra said, ‘I liked this question. Love is not an act and cannot be pretended’. In the Ask Raj session, some people also questioned Raj Kundra about wearing his mask continuously.

Raj Kundra

During this, Raj Kundra said that he wears a mask for the media and not for the fans. People also dragged the pornography case of Raj Kundra. The troller wrote, “Sir, do you still do business of porn movies?” In response to this, Raj Kundra said, “Never did, never will”. During this, a user also asked a question about Shamita’s marriage.
Let us tell you that Raj Kundra has also gone to jail in the pornography case. During this, Shilpa Shetty visited many temples and stood as a shield for her husband. When Raj Kundra came out of jail, he started keeping distance from the media, but now he is slowly coming in front of the people.

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