Rajeev Sen Opens Up On Charu Asopa’s Allegations; Says, “I Will Never Forgive Her For This Torture”

In a recent interview, actor Charu Asopa accused her husband Rajeev Sen of domestic violence and cheating on her while she was pregnant. Rajeev told, “What a sick mind she has to put such fake allegations against me.”

He added, “She wants to play the woman card all the time. She has clearly lost her mind and all my respect for her as an individual. She has no proof (of the allegations), but her ego has gone out of the roof. My entire family loved her and supported her more than me, yet such shameful allegations. I don’t deserve this. I will never forgive her for this torture and humiliation.”

During the conversation, Rajeev shared a barrage of voice notes sent by Charu’s mother Neelam Asopa. He exclaimed, “One of the points to be noted from the voice note is her romance with TV actor Karan Mehra being disclosed by her mother. She made a romantic reel with him. She blames me for cheating on her and being suspicious of her. What a world we live in.”

He clarified, “I only came to know about Karan through her mother’s voice note. I had no clue what was going on between them.” He further added, “She has major trust issues, not me. In fact, she did the same in her past relationships as well, according to her mom. I’m human. I’m sure I could get angry, we all do but anger is one thing, the person who provokes you to get angry is far more dangerous.”

Rajeev concluded, “Delay or no delay, I’m absolutely done with her. I can’t live with a person who would repeatedly make allegations against her husband. She needs help and proper guidance for herself. I’m deeply concerned and worried about my daughter’s safety.”