Rajeev Sen Took A Big Decision Regarding Charu Asopa After Cancelling Divorce, Deets Inside!!

Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa, who have been in discussion about their quarrel for a long time, are now enjoying their married life. Many beautiful pictures of both of them together have become viral on social media. It can be said that to make everything normal, Rajeev and Charu are spending more time with each other. Recently both of them also went for a walk with their daughter. Now people are showering a lot of love on the pair of Charu and Rajeev on social media.

Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa

Meanwhile, Rajeev Sen has expressed his desire to start a business for his wife Charu Asopa. Recently Rajeev told that he wants to start a nail spa for Charu. Rajeev shared a post and told that he is planning to open a nail spa for his wife. He told that this is something that Charu will definitely like this.

Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa

Through his post, Rajeev also told that Charu loves to set nails. Whenever he goes for nail spa with wife Charu, then she is very happy. Rajeev believes that the business of nail spa is very profitable. We all know that there is risk in almost every business in the beginning. But to reduce this risk, Rajeev will start his business from a small level.

Rajeev told that he wants to start this business with positivity. He will also do a lot of research for this. Well, now how will Charu like this nail spa business idea of ​​Rajeev, it will be known soon. And we wish their relation should stay healthy.