Rajinikanth Is Making A Comeback To Bollywood After 24 Years, Working With Sajid Nadiadwala

There is a superstar of South cinema who comes with a film in 2018. That film earns more than 700 crore at the box office. Now, he is going to make a comeback in Bollywood. The actor being talked about here hasn’t been seen in any Bollywood film for 24 years. He has only appeared in South films.

He is soon going to work with a major producer for the first time as well. His portrayal in films like ‘Jailer’ and ‘Lal Salaam’ at the age of 73 was highly praised. He is also going to work with Amitabh Bachchan in an upcoming film. Meanwhile, an update on another upcoming movie of the actor has surfaced.

The trend of Bollywood stars working in South cinema continues, and now a prominent actor from the South is returning to Bollywood. Rajinikanth is going to make a comeback in Bollywood.

Rajinikanth has already delivered films like Robot 2.0, which earned more than 700 crores. Directed by S. Shankar, this film was released in 2018. Akshay Kumar was also part of this picture.

Rajinikanth is going to be seen in Bollywood

However, this was a South film. Now, Rajinikanth is going to be seen in Bollywood. He has collaborated with Sajid Nadiadwala. This information has been provided by Sajid Nadiadwala himself.

They shared a photo with Rajinikanth, writing, “Collaborating with Rajinikanth sir is truly an honor. We are preparing to embark on this journey together.” However, currently, there isn’t much more information available about their collaboration.

Rajinikanth was last seen in a Bollywood film 24 years ago. The film was ‘Bulandi,’ released in 2000, which also starred stars like Anil Kapoor, Rekha, and Raveena Tandon.

Regarding his recent work, he was seen in a cameo role in the film ‘Lal Salaam,’ directed by his daughter Aishwarya. Before that, in August 2023, he appeared in ‘Jailer.’ This film earned more than 600 crores.