Rakhi Sawant Found Her New Love, Boyfriend Gave Her A BMW Car As A Gift- Watch

Rakhi Sawant, the ‘drama queen ‘ of the entertainment industry, is extremely active on social media and shares her photographs and videos consistently. Rakhi had been in lots of conversations about her marriage and afterward in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house also.

There was discussion about her relationship ordinarily. Not just this, Rakhi’s ex-husband Ritesh also participated in the show, yet after coming from the show, the two of them isolated from one another. Recently, Rakhi has again surprised everyone by sharing an Instagram post and reuniting with her love.

Rakhi Sawant had shared a video on her Instagram account which she deleted further, in which she is seen with a friend. There are many pictures in the video, in which now and again Rakhi is seen hugging and kissing that person. This video of Rakhi is turning out to be wildly popular on social media and people are also asking her who is with her?

Commenting on this video of Rakhi, a user asked who is she now after Ritesh? So there is one composed that interestingly you have found out a decent guy, don’t let him go. Alongside this, many individuals are suggesting Rakhi not commit any error as in the past. One fan, Rakhi, doesn’t believe in anybody too soon.

In one video, Rakhi is seen telling the paparazzi that the person is her darling and sweetheart. Discussing her sweetheart, Rakhi said that the two of them have met after quite a while. Rakhi also expressed her desire to go to Bigg Boss with her current beau. Recently, the car that Rakhi got as a gift was also given by her sweetheart. The boyfriend also praised Rakhi and said that Rakhi is a person who is so down to earth.

Watch the video here;


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