Ranbir Kapoor Reacts Angrily As Kids Misunderstood Him As Akshay Kumar, Gets Mercilessly Trolled: Checkout!

In an online video, Ranbir Kapoor is seen becoming furious with the children who called him Akshay by mistake. This is the response that the online community had to it. Ranbir Kapoor has made headlines for his outstanding performance in his most recent film, Animal. Both the public and his admirers have been praising the actor greatly. Soon after its premiere, Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s film won over critics despite its depiction of extreme violence. Despite having an adult certificate and a long runtime, the movie has shattered multiple box office records.

Ranbir Kapoor got angry at kids who call him Akshay

Recently, when Ranbir Kapoor arrived at the airport, the paparazzi caught sight of him. The actor was wearing a printed shawl with his white-hued kurta-pyjamas. The actor was allegedly making his way back from Amritsar as part of the promotion for his movie Animal. But as soon as he got out of the airport, a bunch of children surrounded him and began yelling “Akshay, Akshay.” Ranbir became enraged by this and reacted angrily:  “Inko pta nahi main kaun hu?”

Netizens’ reaction to Ranbir Kapoor’s viral video

Now that a Reddit user has shared the video on Reddit, it has received backlash from netizens. Ranbir was criticized for having an attitude toward children and for being egoistic by some. In response to the video, a user wrote: “Bhai abhi character mein hai! Tang matt karo.” Another one commented, “Muh chupa rahatha na isliye bacca confuse ho gaya. Kyunki jis hisab se Akshay vai ki movie cal raha hai usko hi suit krta hai iye look.” Check out the video here.

Pictures of Ranbir Kapoor’s physical transformation went viral

Previously, a Reddit user shared a photo of Ranbir Kapoor from his film, Animal, on the discussion platform, which drew everyone’s attention. The actor showed off his toned abs in the picture and looked stylish. Ranbir was pictured next to his trainer, Frankie Ramdayal, in a photo. But Ranbir’s physical metamorphosis in a matter of seconds stunned us and was simply unmissable.

Netizens praised the actor for his perseverance shortly after the photos went viral. On social media, some people began to speculate as to whether the actor had stopped drinking or had started using steroids. A user posted: “He mentioned using clenbuterol and steroids. People who take exogenous steroids have high propensity of having girl child..having Raha also is a tale.” Another user commented, “Did he stop drinking? He has to, right? I can’t imagine it’s easy to bulk up this fast without giving up drinking and smoking?” 

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