Rare Pic Moment: Sunny Deol Seen With Wife Pooja, Dharmendra With Ex-Wife Prakash Kaur: Check Out Here

Karal Deol and Drisha Acharya married on Sunday in front of family and friends from Hindi film industry. The three generations of Deols — grandfather Dharmendra, father Sunny Deol, uncles Bobby and Abhay Deol, and the youthful generation includes Karan and Rajvir — were seen posing together in many pictures, but some fresh photos from the occasion centre on Deol ladies.

Sunny Deol Posed With wife Pooja Deol

Dharmendra’s wife Prakash Kaur and Sunny Deol’s wife Pooja, both known for keeping a low profile and avoiding the public eye, can be seen in the images posing with the newlyweds. In one of the images, Sunny deol is seen posing with his both son karan and Rajvir including Wife Pooja Deol. While in other photo sunny and his wife Pooja can be seen posing with newlyweds Drisha and Karan.

Reacting to Sunny and Pooja Picture many users took social media to troll Sunny saying Pooja is looking so sad in these photos. One user wrote, “poor lady.. She looks sad. This man cheated her for Dimple Kapadia”, while the other wrote, ” When a woman is being cheated by her husband she obviously looks sad and donned but still smiling”.

Dharmendra Seen with First Wife Prakash Kaur

Let us tell you, Dharmendra Current wife Hema Malini was not present there but The Actor is seen posing with Ex-wife Prakash kaur stand together. In one photo Dharmendra is seen cheering glass and Prakash kaur is seen talking with him. While In the other photo Dharmendra and Prakash both were seen blessing the new couple.

Now Reacting to the picture Many users ask, “where is Hema Malini? “.one user wrote, ” If Prakash is his wife then who is Hema Malini? “.one another wrote, “I have a loads of respects for this lady. She gave good Values to her all kids. ” While some are trolling Dharmendra for not inviting Hema Malini.

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