Rashmika Mandanna Was Scammed Out Of Rs 80 Lakh By Her Long-Term Manager? Here’s The Reality:

Her longtime manager allegedly conned Rashmika Mandanna out of Rs 80 lakh. She then quietly sacked her manager to prevent an embarrassing public spectacle. Rashmika Mandanna has been in the news as of late due to her involvement in a financial fraud case. Reportedly, Rashmika’s manager, whom she hired at the start of her film career, stole Rs 80 lakh from the actress.

It was said that Rashmika quietly sacked her manager so as to avoid making a disturbance. However, a new twist to the tale has emerged. Rashmika’s friends and family members have denied the cheating allegations. They have stated unequivocally that Rashmika was not cheated out of Rs 80 lakh and that they ended their relationship for “personal reasons.”

Rashmika’s long-time manager allegedly conned her out of Rs 80 lakh, as reported by Pinkvilla. Apparently, Rashmika’s boss conned her out of eighty thousand rupees. It seems she was trying to avoid making a fuss. She took matters into her own hands and fired the manager, as stated in the report.

The manager did not steal Rs 80 lakh from Rashmika Mandanna.

Now, however, Rashmika’s trusted confidants have dismissed the rumours as baseless gossip. Rashmika’s decision to “amicably” terminate her manager’s services was announced. There is no truth to the report that Rashmika Mandanna’s manager bilked her out of money and was subsequently sacked. Her southern manager oversaw the actress’s career for many years. But now, sources say, “they’ve decided to part ways amicably for personal reasons.”

Rashmika has yet to weigh in on the matter. She still has her sights set on her filmmaking goals, which leads us to her forthcoming works. Rashmika’s two Bollywood films were huge hits with audiences. Amitabh Bachchan and Neena Gupta co-starred in the film Goodbye, and she also co-starred with Siddharth Malhotra in the Netflix film Mission Majnu. Rashmika received praise for her work in both movies.

The forthcoming works of Rashmika Mandanna

She is currently working with Sandee Reddy Vanga, the director of Kabir Singh, on their new Bollywood film Animal. This action comedy, in which she co-stars alongside Ranbir Kapoor, opens in theatres on August 11. Rashmika is also looking forward to reuniting with director Sukumar and star Allu Arjun in the sequel to Pushpa: The Rise, titled Pushpa: The Rule.