Rashmika Mandanna’s ‘Chhava’ Shoot Complete: Actress Leaves Fans Awaiting Cinematic Magic With Heartfelt Note; Read Here

Wrapped in love and gratitude on the Chhava set.

Rashmika Mandanna recently completed the shoot for the period action film, Chhava. Expressing her emotions on Instagram, the actress shared a heartfelt note, celebrating the love she experienced throughout the project.

She expressed gratitude for various elements, including the crew, cast, story, costumes, vibe, sets, visuals, and dialogues. Thus emphasizing that the entire experience was filled with love.

Maharaj’s Warmth and Kindness

In her Instagram story, Rashmika Mandanna extended warm praises to her co-star, Vicky Kaushal. Referring to him as a “Maharaj,” she highlighted his warmth and kindness, adding a playful touch by mentioning a light-hearted moment on the last day of the shoot. Despite the playful banter, she emphasized Kaushal’s amazing qualities, calling him a gem and expressing her best wishes for his future endeavours.

Wonder at Calm and Poised Direction

Acknowledging the director, Laxman Utekar, Rashmika expressed wonder at his ability to handle a large set with around 1500 working people while maintaining calm and poise. She specifically highlighted his vision in envisioning her as Yesubai, a role that seemed improbable to many. Rashmika’s admiration for Utekar’s leadership showcased the collaborative spirit of the Chhava set.

Chhava shoot completed: A tale of love and camaraderie

Acknowledgement for the Entire Team

Rashmika Mandanna extended her appreciation to the entire cast and crew of Chhava, recognizing their collective efforts in bringing the project to life. The actress expressed wonder at the director’s ability to shape unconventional roles and commended the entire team for their contributions.

Post-Chhava Success and Commercial Acclaim

Wrapping up her note, Rashmika hinted at her promising journey ahead. After her notable role in Animal, which achieved commercial success, the actress continues to make strides in the Indian film industry. As she bids farewell to Chhava, the anticipation for the film’s release and her future projects grows among fans.

Saying goodbye to Chhava, a journey of love and collaboration.

In conclusion, Rashmika Mandanna’s candid and appreciative messages provide a glimpse into the camaraderie and positive energy on the sets of Chhava, leaving fans eager to witness the on-screen magic.

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