Raveena Tandon Shared A Video Of Khan Sir Saying Him ‘Guru’- See The Video Here!

The craze of khan sir of Patna has now reached Bollywood. Yes, Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon has shared a video of Khan sir on her Twitter handle. In this video, Khan sir is seen discussing the rivers and the geographical boundary of India on the map of India and linking it to the national anthem of India.

This video of Khan sir is of his class, in the video, explaining to his students through the map of India, he is seen connecting it with Akhand Bharat and in the end, it is also associated with the national anthem of the country. Khan sir is discussing Akhand Bharat first of all in the video.


See video here;

The Himalaya Mountains in the north, then the two major rivers of UP, Ganga, and Yamuna, then Dravidian India, then Maharashtra, then the state of Pakistan Sindh, Orissa, Bengal, Punjab are explained on the map. In this way, all these are all-around marked places of Akhand Bharat. In the end, khan sir describes Akhand Bharat as the national anthem of ‘Punjab, Sindh, Gujarat, Maratha, Dravid, Utkal, Bang’. In the end, he said that our national anthem is only given to Akhand Bharat, after which all the students sitting in the class clap loudly for Khan Sir.

Now, this video has been shared by Raveena Tandon with hashtag guru (#Guru). Although we do not need to tell you about khan sir, he runs his GS class in Patna and gives online classes on YouTube. Khan sir has been very popular due to his interesting teaching style. Khan sir, born in Gorakhpur, UP, recently came into the limelight in the matter of RRB NTPC results. He was accused of instigating the students and khan sir had to go underground for fear of arrest.