Raveena Tandon Speaks Out On Gender Pay Disparity In Bollywood: ‘Money Was Very, Very Less’

Veteran Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon recently shed light on the stark pay gap between male and female actors in the Indian film industry. In an exclusive interview with Jist News, she revealed that female actors often had to work on multiple projects to earn what their male counterparts made in just one film.

“In those days, the money was very, very less, especially the pay disparity between actors and actresses,” Raveena stated. “The male stars got a lot; much, much more. What they would make in one film, I would make in, say, 15 films.”


Raveena emphasized that her experience might not be universal but pointed out the systemic issue of unequal pay. “For women actors… me, personally…, I can’t speak for everybody, I can’t generalize this. I had to do 15-20 films to make as much money as my male counterparts,” she explained.

She cited renowned male actors like Salman Khan and Aamir Khan, who could afford to be more selective with their projects due to the substantial pay gap. “For everybody overall as well, the money was much lesser than the situation today,” Raveena added.

However, she expressed optimism about the evolving landscape of Bollywood, noting the increasing involvement of corporates and a more professional approach. “There are a lot more corporates coming in. It’s become a much more professional way of doing things, which is great actually,” Raveena remarked.


On the professional front, Raveena was last seen portraying the role of a lawyer in “Patna Shuklla,” a film addressing the education scam plaguing India. Reflecting on her character, Tanvi Shukla, Raveena shared, “Patna Shuklla aka Tanvi Shuklla’s journey is relatable with Indians, it is a story of women leading at the front and managing her household and work life, which certainly is every woman in our country.”

The film, produced by Arbaaz Khan and directed by Vivek Budakoti, is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Raveena’s upcoming projects include “Ghudchadi” and “Welcome Back,” promising audiences more captivating performances in the days ahead.