Restaurant That Denied Woman In Saree Entry Claims She Slapped The Manager

Delhi restaurant Aquila is accused by a journalist Anita Chaudhary for denying her entry to restaurant had issued a statement. The woman had initially taken to social media to share her ordeal and shared a short video of the incident.

Anita Chaudhary’s Post

Sharing the incident video of the restaurant she said, “Listen carefully to this video as there is a restaurant in Delhi where saree is not a smart outfit,” she wrote in the caption of the video. “The humiliation that happened because of my saree yesterday was bigger and heart-wrenching than any other insult that happened to me till now”.

However, it appears there is more to the story. Now the restaurant opened on this controversy taking to Instagram to share their side of the story. They alleged that she arrived without a reservation. While they discussed internally as to where to could seat them, the guest began to fight and abuse the staff.

Restaurant’s Post

By sharing an official statement and releasing CCTV footage of the spat from a couple of different angles, wrote, “The guest slapped our manager as you can see in the CCTV video footage attached in our post above”.

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The restaurant authorities were then probed about why the staff was seen asking her to leave because a saree was not considered ‘smart casual’. According to reports the restaurant said,

“To tackle the situation and request the guest to leave, one of our gate managers made a statement on sarees not being a part of our smart casual dress code, and our whole team apologies for the same,” the authorities said.

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