Riva Arora’s Reel With Karan Kundrra Comes Under Fire For Her Age; Netizens In Disbelief!

Karan Kundrra and Erica Fernandes’ song Akhiyan was released a few days ago. The song quickly gained popularity due to the two popular celebrities featured in the song. Soon the song started trending and fans of both TV stars started making reels and sharing them online.

And TV and film actress Riva Arora is making reels in Akhiyan. The reel is going viral online and how! Karan KundRra and Akhiyan singer Shekhar Khanijo are also seen in the reel video. But it is going viral for the wrong reasons.

Riva Arora’s reel video on Akhiyan is trending in the entertainment news section. In the reel video, Riva is seen as Shekhar’s girlfriend but is cheating on him by meeting other people in pubs. The person she meets is Karan Kundrra and both of them are chatting and having a good time over drinks. However, the reel video came under the scanner of netizens who were shocked to see a minor girl acting with a grown man in a reel.

The reel was dropped a few days ago on Riva Arora’s official Instagram handle. According to the bio on Riva Arora’s Instagram page, the account is managed by her mother. Many netizens commented on Riva’s Reel saying that she shouldn’t make such a reel video.

Her age was also discussed. Looks like Riva Arora is only 12 years old. And showing her in a video like Akhiyan’s story seems too mature for viewers to digest. They called Riva’s mother for the same. The reel was shared on YouTube which received a lot of negative feedback. Netizens commented, “Bhyiii ye bacchi,” “call FBI she is 12 yrs old,” “she is 12 for God’s sake what’s her mom doing,” “one of the Cringiest videos ever” etc.

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