Saif Ali Khan Feels Taimur Has Become Responsible After Jeh’s Arrival; Says, ‘There Is Definitely A Change In Taimur’

Actor Saif Ali Khan is quite busy in his professional and personal life. He has an interesting lineup of projects ahead. But besides that, his duties have also spiked after the arrival of his newborn son Jehangir (Jeh) Ali Khan. The actor recently revealed that having two young boys four-years-old Taimur and his younger brother Jeh in the house is another experience.

According to Saif, Jeh who stepped into this world earlier this year has brought a  change in Taimur. He said, “There is a change in Taimur… he was the younger one and now he isn’t anymore. He is interested in zombies and armies and he makes his brother laugh a lot and usually (with) loud things. I think we are going to have our hands full,” he reveals, while quickly adding with a laugh, “I am quite frightened as to where the peace portion is going to go with two boys.”

The Pataudi heir further talked about how he enjoyed his family time with his better half Kareena Kapoor Khan and his two sons during the pandemic. He stated, “The first lockdown was like that. We are luckily very sorted people. My family is quite balanced, we have lovely children here. We can cook and listen to music and read books and be okay like that also, but we much prefer our normal lives working, and balancing it ourselves.”

Saif on being asked that whether the last two years have given a much-needed- family time, replied, “I don’t think I was over-worked to a point where I didn’t know what a holiday was like, and suddenly in the lockdown, I discovered what it was. I have always known. I would much rather not have a lockdown. But I mean if we look at the bright side, we got some amazing family.”

Further in the interview when Saif was questioned about if it is challenging on being full-time working parents and having two young kids at home, he said, “The important distinction here is that we don’t have to work, so we can afford to choose what we want to do, we have been doing it for a while now.”