Sanjay Dutt Launches His Own Production Company, Wants To Bring ‘Golden Age Of Heroism’

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt is now opening his own production company named Three Dimension Motion Pictures. He said that he is opening a production company to bring back the golden age of heroism in Bollywood.


Sanjay Dutt in a recent interview stated that Bollywood has lost the manliness of heroes that they were known for. South Indian movies like BahuBali and Pushpa were then immensely successful and these movies were centred against the heroism of the heroic roles. In Hollywood season veterans like Denzel Washington, Kevin Costner, and Mel Gibson are performing heroics rules which adds to that little gap that is missing in Bollywood. He also stated that the “golden age of heroism” just can’t die in Bollywood if it exists in Hollywood and the South. So, he’s launching this production company to get back those days of heroism.


the production house includes the director debut of Siddhant Sachdev’s horror-comedy flick the virgin tree. This film will supposedly feature newcomers. The rest of the movies under the banner include the planned family drama. They also include action films with new actors with ‘mature man as a hero’.

The veteran actor already has immense experience of 4 decades in the Bollywood industry. He had lots of up and down throughout his career with breaks up, controversies, drug abuse, and even terrorist accusations. He even served Jail and His life was also made into a blockbuster Bollywood cinema. He has recently seen in Bhuj the pride of India. The year 2022 is also a big year for the 62-year-old actor. With movies like Kgf-2, Bhramaastra, and Samsheera slated to release this year.