Sanya Malhotra Nearly Hit By Camera, Urges Paparazzi To Be More Careful

An alarming incident nearly occurred with actress Sanya Malhotra, as seen in a video that has surfaced recently. She narrowly escaped a dangerous accident, and the harrowing incident has left her visibly shaken. Now, after watching the video, fans are also shocked by what could have happened.

Recently, there could have been a terrifying incident involving Sanya Malhotra, known for her role in “Dangal”. The actress narrowly escaped a potential disaster, and the frightening moment was captured on camera.

Sanya Malhotra became the victim of an Injury

Sanya Malhotra appeared visibly scared during the ordeal. Due to the paparazzi’s excitement upon seeing the actress, Sanya Malhotra became the victim of a potential injury.

The paparazzi were so thrilled upon seeing the actress that they lost their composure. In their excitement, they made a mistake that could have seriously harmed Sanya.


Her carelessness could have not only led to the actress getting injured but could have also affected her image in the media, impacting her career. After all, for an actor, their face is their most crucial asset. If Sanya Malhotra’s face had been damaged, it could have posed significant challenges for her in the industry.

The video of the actress saving herself has gone viral. What happened was, when she came out after voting, the paparazzi surrounded her, and a cameraman was filming carelessly. He didn’t pay attention, and his camera passed very close to Sanya’s face.

If the actress hadn’t been alert and turned her face away to save herself, a terrible accident could have happened today. Fans are scared just thinking about what could have happened to the actress in that accident.

However, despite the paparazzi’s mistake, the way the actress dealt with the situation is commendable. She didn’t get angry even after this incident happened to her.

Sanya Malhotra handled the situation with great patience. She neither shouted nor got angry at anyone. Instead, she calmly stepped aside and even posed for the paparazzi. Despite being advised by the actress herself, the paparazzi didn’t pay attention.

For a moment, the actress seemed upset, but she managed the entire situation so well that fans are praising her. If it were any other actor in Sanya Malhotra’s place, they might have reacted differently.