Sara Khan Reveals Her Ex-husband Ali Merchant Cheated On Her Multiple Times With Several Women

Sara Khan and Ali Merchant tied the knot on Bigg Boss 4 and separated two months latterly. They’re now part of Kangana Ranaut’s show Lock Upp.

After ex-husband Ali Merchant’s entry in Lock Upp, Sara Khan spoke about their relationship and why they separated months after their marriage on Bigg Boss 4. Ali is Lock Upp’s 14th competitor and entered on Tuesday. As soon as Ali walked outside, Sara and Saisha Shinde refused to hail him or make any kind of contact. Latterly, a curious Karanvir Bohra asked Sara about what happed between the two.

“He was the first boy in my life. I fell for him, and we started dating,” Sara recalled. She continued, “ At one point in life, we had a lot of differences. I was cheated on a lot of times. I would forgive, forget and get back. Also formerly, I just decided to move ahead and get out of it. When you fall for someone for the first time, at such a youthful age, nearly 17, it’s delicate to just get out.”

Talking about her stint on Bigg Boss 4, Sara said that she was being herself on the show but ever she was induced that her image wasn’t being portrayed in the right manner.

“ Over there, I was being myself; I was having fun. He came inside the house without my knowledge. He gave me the print that I was looking like a fool outdoors, people were burning my prints as I’m not doing well in the house. So, I was like ‘Oh my god, what should I do? I don’t want to come across like this …’ So, he said, ‘Will you marry me in this house? Everything is going to be fine.’I was like,‘ Ok kar lete hai.’I felt‘ Television pe kitni toh shaadi ki hai, ye bhi kar lete hai ( Got fake married on Television so numerous times, let’s do this too)’. I was stupid,” Sara said.

“ I agreed and did it. I came out of the house, and he cheated on me again. I incontinently broke off the relationship. He tried to get together with me quite a lot of times,” Sara continued, adding that indeed after getting wedded again, he didn’t stop calling her. “ Latterly, he got married, but indeed after that, he kept on calling. ” He cheated on me with Saisha’s friend and other women. However, I would have noway entered the show knowing that he was a part of it,” Sara said If I was in his place. When Karan defended Ali that he “ wants a comeback”, Sara shut him by saying, “ Do that. Not at my expenditure.”

Ali and Sara are participating in the screen space after 12 times in Lock Upp, which streams on MXPlayer and ALTBalaji.

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