‘Sasti Victoria’s Secret Model’: Netizens Troll Uorfi Javed As She Dons Red Nude Satin Bikini; Checkout Here!

Uorfi Javed won’t be devouring social media feeds with her V-Day special outfit is not possible. The social media influencer/actress has shared a hot video clip that has undoubtedly raised the temperature of our phone screens. Check out the below to see what she wore as well as what netizens had to say about her special outfit.

Uorfi is often in the news for her revealing clothing as well as regular household items. For example, a few days ago, she made a dress out of cloth clips. Earlier, she made DIY costumes out of ice cream sticks, blades, fish nets, and such oddities. This time it’s not a DIY cloth but something sensuous.

On Valentine’s day, Uorfi Javed chose to wear a red dress. She shared the video clip where she walked down the frame in full swing. She wore a red colored lingarie set with a satin hood attached to the sleeves. The cape had balloon sleeves up to her wrists. She captioned it, “Felt like a Victoria secret model, might never delete. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone !”

She wore a chic neckpiece. Uorfi paired her fiery red dress with nude peach strappy heels. No doubt she looked hot, but what caught her attention was her crotch area, where there appeared to be a white panty under her red lacy.

Netizens commented, “Sakti Mann….sakti Mann….sakti mann,” “Gareebo ki Sasti Victoria secret model,” “Jiji neeche ka phnna bhul gyi,” “Ye red chamgadri kaha se AA gyi re aaj valentine’s day ko bhi RIP kr di,” “Madam,, kuch fayada hua itne kapde ka parde ki tarah lga liya yo to back window me” etc.

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