Self-Love: Celebrate Not Just The Season, But You, Too

Today you are you! That is truer than true!
There is no one alive who is you-er than you!
Shout loud, ‘I am lucky to be what I am!…’

– Dr. Seuss 

There has been no other time than now to celebrate your uniqueness. As the world slowly moves away from the shadows of its white supremacist colonial past, beauty is now appreciated in all colors, sizes, and races. Ayurveda, the eternal science of life, has always stood firm on its beauty ideals. All beings, in the prime of their health and vitality, are beautiful. When you sleep and eat well, and have happy thoughts, your skin, hair, nails, and eyes radiate beauty. 

We are unique. Ayurveda calls this your Prakriti: your unique identity. The three doshas Vata (Air and sky), Pitta (Fira and water), and Kapha (Water and earth), in varying proportions, define your unique Dosha makeup. When they are in harmony, it defines health. Doshas are dynamic energies, prone to falling out of equilibrium. They are sensitive to our environment, food, seasons, age, and even our thoughts. 

Keeping them in balance is akin to good health and thus, beauty. Vedix is deeply imbued in this philosophy. Our products are designed for your unique needs and goals. The products are customized based on your Dosha profile. An AI-powered Prakriti analysis questionnaire analyses your hair and skin. It also accommodates your goals and matches products that are chock full of herbal extracts, which keep your doshas in balance. The products are bundled as regimens. The detailed product usage instructions ensure you layer them correctly. Each product complements the other, potentiating the sum effect. 

Self-love is not a singular act of celebrating your self-worth. It needs to be done daily. Imagine eating just one healthy meal, in an entire week, or clocking eight hours of sleep only on weekends. Is it enough? Well, it may be a great way to start with. But choosing health, prioritizing sleep, and exercising as a part of your everyday routine can revolutionize your life. 

Rudolph Steiner famously quoted: “There is comfort and security in knowing what to expect each day.” A healthy routine can do wonders for your stress levels and mental health. 

Ayurveda embodies this philosophy in Dinacharya (Daily routine) and Ritucharya (Seasonal routine) adhyayas. A healthy routine, when adopted and followed, consistently can help prevent diseases and keep the doshas in balance. 

This routine is unique for everyone. A Pitta-dominant individual may start his day with a glass of water cooled overnight in the mud pot. If a Vata-dominant individual were to copy this act, he might catch a cold, and a Kapha-dominant individual may feel heavier and lethargic. Hot water works better for Vata and Kapha. Seasonally, a Pitta-dominant individual should refrain from this cool water in the winter months. So the key to a good routine is to understand yourself, be sensitive to your needs and the environment. 

Thankfully Vedix eases this process in terms of your skin and hair routine. At Vedix, we help you discover your unique identity by analyzing your Dosha imprint. This then translates to suggestions for products that form a part of your daily routine. Hair fall control, dandruff, acne, graceful aging, and radiantly clear skin are some of the regimens that we offer to celebrate yourself, this festival season, and every day. 

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