Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat Nameplate Gets Makeover; Gauri Khan Shares Pic And Explains Its Significance!

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has a great fan following. Every year on King Khan’s birthday, thousands of fans gather outside his luxurious, sea-facing home Mannat to see him. Fans have noticed that the nameplate at the main entrance of Mannat has received a makeover.

Pictures of Mannat’s new, flashy nameplate have gone viral on social media. Fans posed with the new nameplate. They posted pictures as well as videos on social media. Gauri Khan has shared a picture. She has posed next to Mannat’s nameplate. It was at the main entrance. She shared the rationale behind the new design.

Gauri Khan took to her Instagram account to share a picture of herself posing next to the nameplate that reads ‘Mannat.’ The nameplate is big. It lined up vertically above the pillar at the main entrance. Although the font is simple, the nameplate has a shiny background due to the use of glass crystals. Gauri is an interior designer. She seems to have designed the new nameplate. In her post, she explained the materials used and their importance.

She wrote, “The main door of your home is the entry point for your family and friends. So the nameplate attracts positive energy… we chose a transparent material with glass crystals that emit a positive, uplifting and calm vibe. #GauriKhanDesigns.”

Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri Khan, and their children Suhana and Aaryan post pictures and videos on Instagram that give a glimpse inside Mannat. Their luxurious 6-storey mansion is located at Bandstand, Bandra, Mumbai. It overlooks the Arabian Sea.

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