Shakira On ‘Suffering’ After Break Up From Gerard Pique: ‘Kept Me From Functioning’

Amid an incredible career comeback, Shakira is at last discovering who she is. More than 30 years into her career and on the verge of her biggest tour yet, following the release of her seven-time platinum-certified album Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran, the Hips Don’t Lie singer reflects on her journey.

She credits the physical and psychological suffering she went through after her 11-year relationship ended as the reason for her current success.

“Greatest Suffering”

The Grammy winner reflected on the darkest time of her life in a new Rolling Stone cover story. She claims that the suffering due to the divorce from her ex was the greatest one she ever had in her life.

She stated, “The suffering I felt was probably the greatest I had ever experienced in my entire life, and it kept me from functioning at times.”

“On Monotonia”

Shakira talked about her heartbreak in the music video for 2022’s Monotonia. It is a ballad about a failed relationship. It was released just a few months after her separation from Pique, who allegedly cheated on her with Clara Chia Marti.

Shakira is shown in the video upset as she stands in a grocery store before getting shot in the chest. Then, with her heart still bleeding, she flees through the streets. The singer told Rolling Stone that her team first objected to her direct approach to the video, which appeared to be directed at Pique.

Shakira explained, “[They] raised their hands and rang the alarms and tried to stop me, like, ‘Think about it a little. No, why are you going to expose yourself like that? That’s way too gory,’” she remembered. “They were tough images, yeah? But they were genuine. That’s how I felt.”


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