‘She Is Sick…’; Dipika Kakkar-Shoaib Ibrahim Furious At People Who Troll His Sister Saba Ibrahim: Checkout!

Aside from being actors, popular TV couple Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakkar are also YouTubers who make headlines with their vlogs. There is another member of Shoaib and Deepika’s family who runs YouTube and that is Shoaib’s younger sister Saba Ibrahim. Saba vlogs about fashion and everyday life on YouTube.

Saba Ibrahim Trolled

Saba Ibrahim has no shortage of fans. she has a YouTube channel called Saba Ka Jahan which has 3.12 million subscribers. 1.6 million people follow him and on Instagram. People really like her and all the vlogs shower her with love, but there are people who call Sabu bad and set her up. Saba is seriously injured from trolling. Lately Saba has been crying because of trolling and her brother Shoaib responded to the trolling adequately.

Shoaib Ibrahim’s Sister Saba Is Unwell

Shoaib Ibrahim shared a video vlog in honor of Eid al-Adha and showed fans how to celebrate Eid al-Adha night. After the Bayram holiday, Shoaib Ibrahim told his family. Shoaib reported that Saba’s health had been very poor for some time. Shoaib wept as soon as he spoke about Saba’s health. Shoaib gets mad at the trolls when he sees his sister crying.

Shoaib Ibrahim Furious at sister’s trollers

Shoaib Said, “Sometimes you say it without thinking if somebody is going through with any trauma. you all say saba is like this and that. Don’t judge someone you don’t know about. Think how much guilt you will feel. have a little fear of Allah. we will tell you soon what happened to Saba You will feel that I am arrogant but I will not be silent when something bad will said to my family.



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