Shefali Jariwala Opens Up On The Media Circus Around Sidharth Shukla’s Death, Finds It Disturbing

A lot has been said and done after Sidharth Shukla’s tragic death. Media persons and paparazzi created quite a circus at the funeral of the late actor, which angered many of the TV and film celebs. The bashing of press and photographers by famous personalities like Gauahar Khan, Disha Parmar, Kushal Tandon, and Vikas Gupta ignited a debate on the importance of giving privacy to actors in their testing times.
Now, slamming all that happened after Shukla’s death, his ex-girlfriend and co-contestant from Bigg Boss, Shefali Jariwala, has opened up on the same. The model-turned-actress says she was angry on seeing how people were hounding Sidharth’s family and his rumored girlfriend Shehnaaz Gill.

Like many of his fans and friends, Shefali was also in a state of absolute shock after she heard of Sidharth’s sudden demise. The actress says she is still in disbelief. Talking about Sidharth’s untimely death, Jariwala said, “It’s been very difficult for me, the passing of a friend and something that we did not expect at all. It has been a shocker and it still has not sunk in actually.” Shefali is of the view that Sidharth’s rumored lady love, Shehnaaz Gill is a very strong woman and will get through all this.

Jariwala further talked about how strongly Sidharth’s mother held herself during his last rites. She said, “Even Sidharth’s mother is very strong and his sisters. Normally as a mother she one would think she would be inconsolable but she has been so strong, she was holding it together. She is so strong. They all have each other and they will all get through it. I just pray to God that they have the strength to cope with this loss.”

One thing that did not go down well with Jariwala was how the media did not even allow the family of the deceased to walk their path to the crematorium. Shedding light on the same, the 38-year-old actress said, “I was so angry to see the way people hounded her. You have to look at her condition. My heart was breaking to watch that. It was not right,” she continues, “Shehnaaz and his mother and sisters they are grieving, you have to give them the space and privacy to do so. And this is basic empathy, where is the compassion? I understand ratings and all but not at this cost.”

Shefali also revealed that Sidharth and his mom always kept their life private and Sidharth would not have liked the way paps shoved their cameras into the grieving faces of his mother and close friend, Gill.

“It was very disturbing and knowing Sidharth who was a very private person and so is his family. His mother is very private; making such a spectacle of his passing was very disturbing for me to see. It is not something that Sidharth would have wanted. At the funeral it was a circus,” Shefali said.

Even after the breakup, Shefali and Sidharth remained cordial with each other. Shefali has been happily married to Parag Tyagi since 2014.

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