Shehnaaz Gill’s Sassy Reaction On Wearing Bold Outfits Grabs Attention, Netizens Call Her, ‘Arrogant’ Read Here!

When Shehnaaz Gill made a witty comment about wearing bold attire for the ‘Thank You For Coming’ movie promotions, the internet user reacted negatively. Shehnaaz Gill is currently flying high in her professional life, as she has received a lot of love and recognition for her performance in Hindi films. She made her acting debut in the Salman Khan film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, which brought her widespread fame. She is currently soaking up the success of her new movie, Thank You For Coming, which had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. But it appears that the diva’s remarks have angered some online users.

Shehnaaz Gill gives a sassy reaction to the questions on her wearing bold outfits

Shehnaaz Gill was asked about the sudden change in her dress selections for her film, Thank You For Coming, during a promotional meeting with the media. Shehnaaz responded rather sassily while maintaining her composure, adding that she would remove her clothing at the request of their filmmaker, Rhea Kapoor. She went on to say that she and her movie co-stars would not be afraid to try new wardrobe designs and styles from a variety of renowned brands.

Netizens react to Shehnaaz’s revelations, call it sheer arrogance

On the discussion forum Reddit, a footage of Shehnaaz’s revelations from the film’s promotional event was posted. Netizens responded to the same by criticising the diva’s obvious arrogance in her statement, which many found embarrassing. Others even made fun of her co-star Bhumi Pednekar, who was seated next to her, by drawing attention to the latter’s apparent lack of enthusiasm in the proceedings. Click here for the video.

When Shehnaaz gave a sassy response to her haters

Shehnaaz Gill was asked to give her opinions on the criticism and trolling she frequently receives in a previous engagement with B4U Entertainment. She responded to this in a thoughtful and responsible way. She remarked that she has a large following compared to her detractors. Additionally, she claimed that the reason her detractors harass her is because they have never encountered a personality like hers. She stated: 

“I have a big fan following but I also have a lot of haters, trolls. People think that whatever Shehnaaz does is not her real personality, it’s all fake. They have never seen a personality like mine. I am so unique so people can’t digest that she’s so cute, is she trying to be too cute? Bro, I am really cute. I am cute, then I am cute, if I am dangerous, then I am dangerous.”

When Shehnaaz spoke about getting betrayed in most of her relationships

In a previous interview with Instant Bollywood, Shehnaaz disclosed a hitherto unheard personal incident and confessed that in every one of her previous relationships, she had ended up being betrayed and dumped. She emphasised that although she had never betrayed someone, others had.

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