Shiny Doshi Regrets Doing Khatron Ke Khiladi At Her Career’s Start; ‘I Was Vulnerable Back Then’

TV actress Shiny Doshi has earned fame in the world of acting through shows like Saraswatichnadra, Jamai Raja, etc. In fact, at present, she is counted among the well-known actors on television. Her current show Pandya Store is also hailed by the audiences for its storyline. In a recent interview, Doshi opened up on the work pressure after her show started running all seven days of the week. She also shared her regret about doing the stunt-based reality show, Khatron Ke Khiladi at the initial phase of her career.

“There is a lot of pressure, to be honest. The show is now on all days of the week so it is very important for us to keep a bank of episodes. Honestly, we don’t have much in the bank. The plot we shot a few days back is already on AIR. Our EP is kind enough to give us holidays and I think he is very sensible in managing the scenes and footage. The workload has definitely increased. I was taking leaves every month but now all those have been cancelled. I was supposed to travel in October and November but they canned it. I went and requested for December so they agreed to that,” Shiny stated.

Reminiscing her journey on Khatron Ke Khiladi, Shiny said she took up this offer very soon in her life. “That was my first reality TV show and after that, I never felt like doing it again. It was one kind of experience. I did not think I could do it and I feel I could have done much better. I feel I took Khatron Ke Khiladi too soon in my life, I could have waited a little more. I think that as strong as I am now; I was vulnerable back then. I feel you need to be very headstrong for that show. The show was like a paid vacation for us where we were tortured. We used to get a break after every 2 days and we used to roam a lot that day. We used to go out and party our hearts out during that break and when we came back, we took advantage of the beautiful stay that they had given us,” she quoted.

For the unversed, Shiny Doshi’s hit daily soap, Pandya store revolves around a middle-class couple Dhara (played by Shiny) and Gautam (played by Kinshuk Mahajan), who runs their family store by the name Pandya store. It showcases Dhara’s relationship with Gautam’s family, especially her brothers-in-law who consider her their mother.

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