Shweta Tiwari’s Estranged Husband Abhinav Kohli Opens Up On Sexual Harassment Allegations by Palak Tiwari

Shweta Tiwari’s estranged husband Abhinav Kohli has made it to the headlines again. A few months back, Abhinav Kohli in an interview had stated that his son Reyansh is missing. He had also accused Shweta Tiwari of taking his son to an undisclosed location. In a recent interview with ETimes, Abhinav Kohli shared that he is not able to meet son Reyansh and accused Shweta Tiwari of vanishing his child. During the interview, Abhinav also opened up about how Shweta got him arrested by making false allegations against him. He also talked about the sexual harassment allegations by Palak Tiwari.

Speaking to the publication Abinav shared that he raised Palak like his own daughter. “Whenever I think of the case that Palak and Shweta have filed against me, the only thing that comes to my mind is chee (yuck). I have raised her. I looked after her when Shweta went to the Bigg Boss house. When she was doing Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao I was there. When she was shooting for Parrvarrish I brought up the girl. Getting Palak admitted to Singapore International school. Shweta wanted to send her to boarding school. I told her to not send her. I told her if our baby Palak goe away, the house will be empty. Anuradha Sarin, her friend, has spoken about the allegations,” he said.

Abhinav further added, “They have put the sexual harassment allegations against a man who has raised the girl like his own daughter. Palak made her mother comfortable about bold scenes saying that what are you feeling embarrassed and ashamed about. We watched such movies and have grown up on it. Lovu (Palak) had said this in an interview. That girl is so confident. She has been raised in that environment. You are saying I was mistreating that girl. You made this FIR only to put me behind bars. And one day after the arrest, Shweta threatens me that now see how I get divorce from you. In fact, one month before the incident, Shweta had warned me, you wait and see how I bring my daughter in front and get the divorce. Palak’s career was going to start and she used her daughter to get rid of me. She had warned me but I did not pay attention to it. Anuraddha Sarin made statements that I was showing vulgar photos to her of models and tell her to look sexy like them. I want to ask what was I showing, were they adult photos. I have proof of everything that I have never shown her any photos and nothing like that happened. This shows that they framed me and made the FIR in a way that it fits in the section 354 A with a person like me. Once Palak herself told me, you being my step-father, closer to me than real father’s of my friends. Such a father I was to Palak. I have got evidence, that till the last day of the incident she was treating me as her father. Why don’t you fight a divorce case? If I am so evil, bad why haven’t you filed a divorce case till now. The FIR says I was mistreating her since 2017 and they were going on holidays to Dubai, Goa with me. We are celebrating Father’s Day, celebrating birthdays. Then you go on record saying I was illtreating her. Even the daughter did not think twice.”

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