Sidhu Moose Wala’s Broken Mother Said, “Shoot Me Too”, Singer Was Preparing For His Marriage

The murder of 28-year-old Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose wala has shocked the country. On May 29, Moose wala was shot dead by strangers in a black car in Punjab. This news has shaken everyone’s heart. Celebs are expressing grief over the departure of Moose wala, a well-known name in the entertainment world. It is difficult for anyone to believe that Singer is no more in this world.

Sidhu was about to get married

Sidhu Moose wala’s death has the biggest impact on his mother. Singer was very close to his mother. Mother Charan Kaur was also preparing for her son Sidhu’s early marriage. Now the mother is completely broken by his murder. She blamed the AAP government and said sobbing In the hospital,”mujhe bhi goli maar do,ab kuch nahi bacha mere paas”.In the month of January, Sidhu Moose wala’s mother Charan Kaur had revealed to media that he was about to get married. Also it was said that it will be a love marriage.

There was news about Sidhu Moose wala that he is going to get married soon. In such a situation, his mother had told in one of her interviews that the singer would soon tie the knot. In this interview, Charan Kaur was asked whether Sidhu is giving up his bachelor status soon or not? To this she gave a shocking answer.

Charan Kaur had said, “Just a little more time, then he will not be single. We are making preparations for her wedding, which will take place this year after the elections. He further said that Sidhu is not doing arranged marriage. Rather, he himself has chosen a girl for himself. Charan had also revealed that his son Sidhu Moose wala has also got engaged in real life. But the photos going viral on the internet are not from her actual engagement, they are from the shooting of a project.”

Alas, this dream of Charan Kaur, mother of Sidhu Moose wala, remained a dream. She was ready to see her son become a bridegroom. But now this will never happen. Sidhu has now left the world forever.


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