Sonali Bendre Reveals The Battle She Faced With Cancer And Her Comeback Show!

Sonali Bendre took time from work in 2018 after being diagnosed with metastatic cancer. Reunited with Remo D’souza and Mouni Roy on DID Li’l Masters 5 after four years. “Two years were tough for me and the other two years were challenging for the entire world,” says the Sarfarosh actress of the past four years (because of Covid-19 pandemic). So my struggle is little compared to the situation.”

Sonali talks out about her cancer struggle and her return to work. “I am glad to be back, to watch my kid grow up, and to be here for my parents. Thanks for everything. And certainly, being well enough to sit on a set for 12 to 18 hours is being back. “Any other approach would be too ambiguous and not as much fun,” explains Sonali.

“But simply being able to do that, give it everything, and work these hours,” she continues. “Our field of work is highly physical. So being able to do it again is ideal.”

how did her filmmaker-husband Goldie Behl react? “He asked me to do this previously. ‘You’re alright, your mind is bright, just get back’. He has been pushing me to go back to work since he knows I used to work the way they do now. So you would like to work in today’s world. So he has been asking me to return to work for a long time,” says Sonali.

Finally, does she want to write a book on her four-year journey? “No, because it was different when I wrote the parenting book. Now whatever you write on Instagram, Twitter, blogs, etc. is out there. So I don’t want to write until I have anything fresh to say,” she finishes.

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