Sonam Kapoor Credits Her Mom Sunita Kapoor For Making Her A Style Icon!

Sonam Kapoor claims that her mother, Sunita Kapoor, nurtured her love of fashion, propelling her to the status of fashion icon that she is today. The allure of Sonam Kapoor’s impeccable fashion  sense has always been the center of attention on the Indian fashion landscape!

Sonam Kapoor is a global fashion queen and Bollywood celebrity whose effect on the Indian fashion landscape and pop culture is undeniable. Sonam is India’s fashion ambassador to the entire world, thanks to her excellent sense of style. She is one of the most powerful fashion voices in the world, and her influence on a luxury brand’s equity in India is enormous. Sonam credits her natural sense of style and fashion to her mother, Sunita Kapoor. She is also regarded as one of Bollywood’s top fashionistas, and she and her sister Rhea Kapoor have also created their own clothing line.

Sonam Kapoor On Her Mother Sunita’s Influence On Her Fashion And Styling Sense 

Sunita Kapoor, according to Sonam Kapoor, supported her love of fashion, which spurred her to become the fashion icon she is today. “Growing up in the film industry, you’re used to seeing beautiful people all the time, and I think films play a huge role in dictating trends, especially in a country like India,” Sonam Kapoor added. That’s why I became so passionate about film and style.”

“My mother was a model, then a very successful fashion designer, and now she is a jewelry designer.” I grew up in the same neighborhood as Abu Jani, Sandeep Khosla, Tarun Tahiliani, Anamika Khanna, Anuradha Wakil, and other incredible fashion designers who taught me a lot about textiles, international fashion, embroidery, and cuts. My mother, in particular, was collecting ancient Zari pieces, Jamawar, and Zari Sarees!”

“Those things that have been deeply ingrained in me since I was a little girl,” Sonam says. She also introduced me to the world of fashion, introducing me to many international designers, not only French and Italian designers, but also Japanese and other Asian designers, giving me global exposure. Her love was also in fashion; she was a designer as well as a store, so understanding that came from my mother.”

Sonam Kapoor’s Professional Front 

Sonam Kapoor will be soon featured in two major projects beginning next year, one of which is Battle For Bittora, a filmed version of the same-named novel, as well as other unannounced projects.

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