Sunil Grover Selling Peanuts On Roadside After Leaving Kapil’s Show, Watch Video Here!!

A video of comedian Sunil Singh Grover is going viral on social media these days which has surprised his fans. In this viral video, famous comedian Sunil Grover is seen roasting groundnuts on the roadside. The surprising thing is that Sunil Grover himself has shared this video on his social media account. Let us tell you that ever since this video of the comedian has surfaced on social, his fans have been upset about it and want to know the reality behind this video. Only one question is arising in their mind, what happened that such a big comedian has to sell peanuts on roadside.

Sunil Singh Grover

Fans are fiercely commenting on his video and asking various questions to him. A fan wrote, ‘Brother, give me the address, we also come to you.’ Another user commented and wrote, ‘How the days have come for you’. A user commented mocking the comedian, “You have become like this after leaving The Kapil Sharma Show, you shouldn’t have done this.” At the same time, watching the videos of some actors are getting shocked and upset.

Watch The Video Of Sunil Grover Selling Peanuts Here!!

Sunil Singh Grover

Let us tell you that comedian Sunil Grover often entertains his fans by sharing videos. And he has also shared this video only to entertain his fans and nothing to worry about it. In this, comedians are seen roasting peanuts while sitting in the shop of a peanut seller. Posting this video, Sunil wrote, ‘Khao khao khao’. Let us tell you that now this video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

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