Sunny Deol’s ‘Gadar 2’ Triumphs; Actor Expresses Gratitude In Heartfelt Video

Top actor Sunny Deol came back to success with the 2023 movie ‘Gadar 2’. It was his big return after not doing films for twenty years. People liked it a lot and his famous “dhai kilo ka hath” helped make big money at the movies, boosting his well-known status there again.

By the end of 2023, Sunny Deol thanked fans for always showing love and support to ‘Gadar 2’. He shared a video on Instagram showing how fans reacted when it came out and also included family memories.


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“Thankful for #2023. Excited about #2024.” As the years go by, one thing stays – your love. “Happy New Year! The start of New Year’s Eve is a new chance,” he said in his post.. . . .

In 2023, Sunny’s success in ‘Gadar 2’ was important to him for a personal reason. His first son, Karan, got married and his younger one Rajveer began work in Bollywood with the movie ‘Dono.’

Family and Business

Sunny’s well-known family continued to affect the business. His famous dad, Dharmendra, made fans love him in Karan Johar’s “Rocky and Rani Love Story.” At the same time, his younger brother Bobby Deol amazed crowds with a bad guy role in Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s film named ‘Animal’.



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As 2023 left its impression on Sunny’s heart, the actor is preparing for enjoyable activities in the coming year. Sunny will work with Aamir Khan for the first time in Rajkumar Santoshi’s film ‘Lahore 1947.’ This movie was made by Aamir. Most importantly, the two movie actors who have been in big fights before are now working together on a project that everyone is waiting for.

Sunny and Aamir, who used to compete in movies like ‘Lagaan’ and ‘Gadar’, are getting ready to make more history together with a film called “Lahore 1947”. Before, they used to compete but now they are working together on a big project that is important for Indian movies. People are looking forward to this big team-up with excitement, but Sunny Deol’s job keeps changing. It offers more enjoyment in films arriving soon next year (ANI).

Gadar-2 Success Magic

“Gadar-2,” the highly anticipated sequel to the blockbuster film “Gadar: “A Love Story,” has been a big success at the movies. People really like Sunny Deol and his powerful screen presence a lot. Sunny Deol, a big actor known for strong roles in films has not only played the same famous character but also taken control of making it. The success of “Gadar-2” shows that Deol still likes the people who watch him. In the future, this flexible actor-director is planning to do great things. They will include fun stories and his unique action scenes that keep people worldwide interested in them.