Sushant Singh Rajput Was ‘Disturbed’, Director Abhishek Kapoor Reveals Behind The Scenes Of ‘Kedarnath’

Filmmaker Abhishek Kapoor, known for collaborating with the late Sushant Singh Rajput in films like Kai Po Che and Kedarnath, recently opened up about the actor’s dedication and struggles during the filming of Kedarnath.

The 2018 movie, set against the backdrop of the devastating 2013 North India floods, marked a significant chapter in Sushant’s career and personal journey.

A Bit Disturbed

In a candid interview, Abhishek Kapoor revealed that Sushant was “disturbed” during the shoot of Kedarnath. Despite his impressive mental and physical strength, the actor seemed isolated and helpless, as if losing his direction. Kapoor described Sushant as a strong individual who could take on anything, yet during that phase, he appeared to face challenges that weighed heavily on him.

The Freezing Conditions

Sushant’s dedication to his craft was unwavering. He would shoot in freezing conditions, pushing himself to the limit. His commitment inspired co-star Sara Ali Khan, who debuted in Kedarnath. Seeing Sushant’s relentless pursuit of excellence, Sara followed suit, matching his determination.

“Sushant led the way. He did it first, and Sara saw him the next day, and she realized that if this person were doing it, so would I. That’s what motivated her to do it.”

Abhishek talked about his close relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput and said he had initially planned to cast him in “Fitoor” rather than “Kedarnath.”

“I remember Sushant being quite overweight when we auditioned him, and my condition was that I handed him a photo of an American actor and told him, “You have to look like this because you’re a cricketer.” He would not say much. He wasn’t a big talker. But in three months, he worked so hard, arriving at six a.m. for cricket practice and gym training, and at the end, he looked the part.”

A Drifting Soul

Despite his strength, Sushant seemed to be drifting away during those days. Kapoor’s deep connection with the actor allowed him to observe this transformation closely.

The isolation and helplessness Sushant felt left an indelible mark on those who worked with him. His dedication to his craft and the emotional toll it took on him remain a poignant aspect of his legacy.

Beyond The Screen

Kedarnath was more than a film; it was a canvas where Sushant poured his heart and soul. As we revisit the movie, we remember the breathtaking visuals and powerful performances and the struggles faced by the man behind the character.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s journey continues to inspire, reminding us that dedication and passion can create magic even amidst challenges.

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