Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce’s Dreamy Midnight Kiss Goes Viral; Fans Speculate Marriage

With Clock struck mid-night, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce celebrated their blossoming romance with a romantic kiss. The video of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce kissing has broken the internet. Swifties are giving the most wholesome responses to the viral piece, with fans calling out Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s engagement plans.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Dreamy Midnight Kiss

The Kansas City Chiefs, who had a blast on New Year’s Eve, got themselves a win over the Cincinnati Bengals. Taylor Swift, just like all the previous 9 Chiefs games she attended in 2023, was a part of this one as well. (Read More: Taylor Swift Booed By Fans As She Cheers For Her Boyfriend Travis Kelce, Click To Read More!)

After the win, Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce accompanied Taylor Swift to a New Year party in Kansas City. The couple welcomed the near year 2024 with a saucy kiss. The exciting moment between them kissing was captured, and when it went online, it became an internet-viral piece. Fans shared their lovely reactions to it.

“They’re going to get married this year,” commented a Swiftie. Most likely, if things go well, we might get to see Travis and Taylor get married this year. In fact, there’s a tradition among NFL players that reveals when they might get married.

“I’m so happy to see people fall in love. Beautiful,” tweeted a fan. When it comes to Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, their love story is definitely a book-worthy one. Just so romantic.

Taylor and Travis Love-story timeline

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce began dating in July 2023. She contacted him after he mentioned her on his podcast, showing his regret at not meeting her during her Eras Tour gig in Kansas City. This shocked swifties as they initially believed that Taylor and Travis started dating after being spotted together in September.

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