Throwback: When Drunk Jackie Shroff Tried To Kiss Tabu, Actress’ Sister Did This…

In the entertainment industry, controversies are a daily occurrence. From fights between actors to secret weddings and extramarital affairs, there is always plenty of gossip about celebrities.

However, many scandals that once made headlines often get forgotten over time. One such controversy involved Jackie Shroff and Tabu.

However, some gossip that was once in the headlines often gets forgotten over time. One such controversy involved Bollywood Actor Jackie Shroff and Actress Tabu.

When A Drunk Jackie Shroff Tried to Kiss Tabu At A Party

Tabu is one of the most famous actresses in Indian cinema, having worked with almost all major stars in the industry, except for Jackie Shroff.



One reason for this is the rumours that once made headlines, suggesting that Jackie Shroff had tried to molest a young Tabu.

This incident took place in 1986 when Jackie Shroff was working with Tabu’s elder sister, Farah Naaz, in the film “Diljalaa,” which also starred Tanuja and Danny Denzongpa.

The crew was shooting in Mauritius at the time, and Tabbu, who was a teenager, had accompanied her sister to the shoot. During the shoot, Danny hosted a party and invited everyone from the film.

It is believed that during the party, Jackie Shroff, allegedly drunk, tried to forcibly kiss Tabu. Tabu tried to resist, and Danny intervened to handle the situation, forcibly taking Jackie away from the actress.

Though Danny managed to handle the situation that night, the next morning Tabu’s sister and actress Farah Naaz created a huge uproar about the incident. Farah went to the media and accused Jackie of being drunk at the party and trying to molest her sister Tabbu.

Amid all the commotion, Tabbu remained silent and did not say anything. Eventually, Farah tried to downplay the incident as a misunderstanding to end the matter.

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