Tiger Shroff: ‘I Do Everything To Make My Parents Proud’

There’s no doubt that actor Tiger Shroff has a come long way in the film industry. Back in 2014, when the young lad made his acting debut with the film Heropanti, he faced really awkward comments related to his looks. Some trolls termed him girlish while others made fun of less masculine hair on his face. Tiger paid no heed to all this and worked in a determined way to achieve a position and standing in the film industry. Cut to the present, he is the favourite of all the action directors. Tiger has recently moved into grand new apartment. His new house is a gift to his parents and sister.

In a recent interview with SpotboyE, Tiger talked about his new home and his independence day song that made the nation proud including the prime minister, Narendra Modi.

Talking about his new house, Tiger said, “Home always feels like home when my mother and father are with me. Where I am with them is home to me. My parents mean the world to me. Everything I do, I do to make them feel proud. I pray I never do anything to disappoint them.”

On being told about his dad’s comment that this home is a gift to his mom and he is just a passerby, Tiger said, “Oh, you know how he is. Dad is trying to be cool about it. He may act casual about it. But he’s as excited about our new home as my mother. We all are excited. This home is equally important for my father, my mother, and my sister.”

Further in the interview he also shared how he feels about his journey of coming this far and owning a house. “I see it as just that, a journey. I feel it’s my parents’ blessings that have brought me where I am. I couldn’t have hoped for a better family.”

Tiger was asked how he feels about his new song, Vande Mataram going all viral. He replied, “So grateful to (producer) Jaccky Bhagnani firstly to push me to sing this song. I was too nervous as it was a huge responsibility to sing a song for our country. So I definitely wanted to give my 100 percent and put every ounce of emotion into the words and lyrics.”

“I was singing as it was meant to be the voice of every Indian. I am most grateful to our Honourable Prime Minister for his approval of our honest effort,” added Tiger Shroff.