Tom Cruise Has Been Estranged From His Daughter Suri For A Decade: Has ‘No Part In Her Life’

In an interview with a tabloid, a close source revealed that Tom Cruise has no role in his daughter Suri’s college admissions process.

Tom Cruise hasn’t seen her daughter Suri in a long time, and it’s believed he’s dropped out of her life. Continue reading to find out why.

Tom Cruise may be basking in the glory of his professional life after delivering a mega-blockbuster with Top Gun: Maverick, but things do not appear to be going well on the personal front. The 60-year-old, who has a daughter named Suri with former partner Katie Holmes, has reportedly not communicated with her in a long time.

According to new reports, Tom Cruise continues to be estranged from Suri, and the actor is no longer a part of her life. For the uninitiated, Tom and Katie welcomed Suri in 2006 but divorced in 2011. Tom has been estranged from his daughter for quite some time. Continue reading to find out more.

Suri, Katie Holmes’ 16-year-old daughter, has grown up and has begun applying to colleges. But her father, Tom Cruise, will not assist her because the actor “has no part” in his child’s life.

According to a source, Suri has applied to study fashion in New York City, but it appears that his father will not be a part of the process since his divorce from Katie in 2013, he has been estranged from his daughter. During that time, it was reported that Katie ended her marriage due to concerns about raising her daughter as a Scientologist – a religion to which Tom is deeply committed.

Following the split between Tom and Katie, Suri hadn’t seen Tom for three months, according to his 2012 defamation suit against Bauer Media. Regardless of Tom Cruise’s involvement in Suri’s life, a source close to Page Six reports.

The star of Mission: Impossible. “Listen, when there is a divorce, things change,” Tom told his lawyers in 2013, adding, “It’s not an ideal scene.” It’s not a good situation.” Suri, according to another report, has begun applying to colleges in order to study fashion.

It is also believed that Scientology played a significant role in Tom Cruise’s divorce from his wife. In response to a question at the time about Katie Holmes leaving him to protect Suri from Scientology, Tom replied, “That was an assertion, yes.”

Suri’s admission will not be handled by Tom Cruise.

Several sources close to Page Six report that Tom Cruise does not have any involvement with Suri’s life, saying, “This is his loss, his issue, his problem,” and adding, “He must be really brainwashed.”

“Suri is applying to schools all over the place,” a close source revealed in an interview with a tabloid. In order to be close to her, Katie sincerely wants her to stay in New York.

Katie is very proud of herself, but she is also extremely protective.” The source also revealed that, while Tom will not have any say in where Suri attends school.

According to reports, Tom Cruise’s ex-girlfriend Katie Holmes does not want her to stay in New York.

Tom is supposed to pay for Suri’s higher education, which will cost close to $400,000 per year until Suri reaches the age of 18. He will pay for Suri’s education, dental, healthcare, academy, and other extracurricular expenditures.