TV Actor Ankit Gupta’s Pain Spills Out On Horrifying Casting Couch Of His Life; Whole Story Inside!

From big screen to small screen, couch casting is rampant in the world of this dazzling film. At some point, one of the stars will talk about her experience in casting and dark heroism in the film industry. This time it was the famous TV actor Ankit Gupta who did it. Ankit Gupta, who appeared on Bigg Boss 16’s ‘Udariyaan’, is currently making headlines with his discovery. In a recent interview, Ankit recalled an incident at the casting that happened to him at the very beginning.

Compromises have to be made

In a recent interview with a media organisation, Ankit Gupta was open about her bad experience on the casting couch. According to Ankit, he received very strange advice at the beginning of his career, and it came as a real shock. Ankit says there has to be a compromise here. A lot of the people I want to compromise with say that Ankit just doesn’t get the job in this industry. We send a lot of people.

The most Horrifying incident of Ankit’s life

Ankit continues: “The person who gave me this advice claimed to have introduced me to an industry giant. And they all made compromises to get to where they are now. At the same time, Ankit revealed another shocking fact, explaining that there is someone who has been given permission to touch her private life. Ankit calls this incident the worst memory of his life. He recalled: “When I refused to compromise, he said it was all right if you don’t want to. At least let me touch on your private part. I was so shocked and drenched in sweat because of what happened.”

Talking about work front, Ankit Will soon return on small screen with his show ‘Junooniyat’. before this, He was seen in Udariyaan and Bigg boss 16.