Two Celebrities Who Recently Took to Social Media talking About Mental Health

By Rahael Mathew

Mental health has more so become a topic of serious discussion since the lockdown. Many adults are feeling the stress of being isolated indoors. Introverts are also facing more pressure to connect with others virtually and the top concern for millennials is lack of motivation . 

Prior to the lockdown, many professionals and even home bodies had the opportunity to go out and have a change in scenery. With the extended lockdowns and Covid-19 people are left indoors to beat the stress. 

Two celebrities Madhuri Dixit and Sameera Reddy recently took to the media to talk about these issues and provide some tips and tricks. 

Madhuri Dixit recently posted a reel on instagram with some tips for upping motivation levels during lockdown. She suggests” Cooking up a storm in the kitchen”. Cooking is always therapeutic and helps with depression. Madhuri Dixit also suggested family time, gardening, dance and movie nights with the family. These activities are all natural stress busters and most psychologists support them. Madhuri surely knows how to beat the blues. 

Second on our radar is Sameera Reddy. Many followers have been enjoying the lighter side of her instagram profile during the Covid-19 era. Little did anyone of us guess that she was also facing depression. Sameera spoke to Pinkvilla and talked about how negative comments can really bring down influencers. She went on to talk about her feelings of hurt and disappointment and how she dealt with it. Her secret to dealing with depression is to first reflect and internalize one’s problems. The journey of recovery starts with understanding our own self. 

Big names in the industry coming forward to personalize mental health is so important. Influencers and celebrities rationalize the concept, “ it’s okay to not be okay”. We are happy to see Madhuri Dixit and Sameera Reddy vocalizing the importance.

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