“Undeserving Chapri Winner”: MC Stan Gets Brutually Trolled For Winning Bigg Boss 16 Trophy

Season 16 has finally ended with Rapper ‘MC Stan’ as winner, and his victory has left the audience in shock and anger. The season started with high TRP but now is facing a lot of criticism from audience for announcing ‘MC Stan’ as winner.

Eventually, everyone was expecting Priyanka Chahar to win, as she has actively participated in every aspect of the show. Whereas, MC stan has nor participated in tasks neither invested his efforts for the show. For his lack of participation and dedication, audience are considering him as “the most undeserving winner in the history of Bigg Boss”.

For not showing any interest in the show and still winning it based on fan’s voting, MC Stan is receiving a lot criticism. After making exit from the show, MC posted his victory picture with BB trophy and Salman Khan on Instagram. The post received all sorts of negative remarks and netizens questioned Stan’s undeserving and effortless victory. A netizen commented and called Stan as an “undeserving chapri winner” whereas someone else commented “show ka standard gir gaya hai jo isse winner bana dia” directly considering stan as an undeserving winner. Some people also made abusive comments on the rapper Stan and called the show completely biased.

Mc stan stood along with Shiv Thakrey as top two contestants whereas Priyanka Chahar, Archana and Shalin got evicted just before them. Audience who followed the entire season with so much excitement looked really disappointed when Salman announced Stan as winner. Since, the reality show was based on audience voting process, MC stan won the show due to high popularity in Mumbai slum area without making any efforts!